Kerrie McDevitt


Soul Searching: Considering the Legacy of Ourselves and Our Work

New Year Brings Opportunity to Nurture Community

Article by – Kerrie McDevitt

mi corazón” (“Until later, my soul, my heart”). Even today, 30 years later, these words resonate with me and fill me with joy.

Not only had Chari touched my soul and heart, but she had confirmed that we were entwined and had become very close. Her words also reminded me that we all have a soul and a heart that must be shared to feel whole, something I had never really contemplated until then. I felt more connected to her and to myself after this moment, and felt a supreme sense of belonging and peace. I realized then that one must be at once both vulnerable and trustworthy and reveal a part of one’s soul to become intimate and close, to create a bridge to connect both souls.

One must nurture one’s soul as one would care for a small child — limiting negative chatter, thoughts and criticism to allow it to flourish. Walking that fine line between vulnerability and protection is challenging. It requires opening up and taking risks while still maintaining a safe space for your soul to rest.